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We Train

Blockchain technologies are a very unique concept, difficult to understand. We provide all levels of training, business and technical, with a focus on what blockchains could change for your company around real life use-cases


We Build

From the ideation process to full product development, software and hardware, our team has specialized experience in building secure and reliable products


We Research

Blocksense can help you study new concepts around blockchains, analyze the security of your application or research new types of blockchains. We also dedicate time on public-domain research, improving Bitcoin and blockchains for the benefit of all


We Advise

As with all new concepts, advisory services are an absolute necessity to avoid pitfalls. Blockchains are not the solution for every problem, we can help you find the right fit for your needs


We have expertise in Bitcoin, blockchains, side-chains, colored-coins, permissioned ledgers, Ethereum, OpenChain

The blockchain era is just at its beginning but most Fortune 500 companies have already prepared for the disruption to come. Financial institutions have their innovation teams looking at crypto-currencies and distributed ledgers, but the lack of available talents makes it nearly impossible to hire experienced people. Traditional consulting firms are starting to publish reports on crypto-currencies but lack the specialization to stay ahead of the game.
This is why we formed Blocksense, the first multidisciplinary and international firm specializing in crypto-currencies, blockchains and everything in-between. Our team has been involved in the Bitcoin and blockchain industries for years, often at senior executive level.

Whether you need advice for your corporate decisions or a full product development, we have the skills and experience necessary for a successful outcome.