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Bootstrap your project

From the ideation process to full product development, our in-house team has specialized experience in building secure and reliable blockchain applications to get your project out of the lab and into production.
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Accelerate your success

Blocksense can help refine and streamline the processes central to your existing project, providing a bigger runway for take-off. Our team of experts offer help with the technical and business components ensuring maximum project life cycle and scalability for future growth.
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Get up to speed

Blocksense offers a complete education portfolio tailored for teams of employees and executives alike. We provide modules for all levels of training, from use-cases tailored to specific industries and under-served markets, to hands-on technical training for developers and IT groups. Our interactive training programs emphasize technology foundations and key trends throughout the blockchain landscape.
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From public to enterprise ready Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers

Bridging the gap between today's world...

...and a blockchain-powered future


Bespoke Chains

Our partnerships with leading application platform providers enable us to create an agile foundation for intuitive integration of existing business processes on customized or existing blockchains. We build in custom solution layers and connect them to the most proven, tested, and secure application platforms available in the industry today.

Automation Tools

Our multi-platform software stack facilitates full automation of inter-organization processes and database homologization, regardless of your industry. In-depth business process analysis coupled with full-lifecycle solution development and horizontal prototyping affords our clients the benefit of a customized solution within a limited timeframe.

Smart Contracts

Your core SLA’s and business partnerships are purpose-built to provide strategic leverage for your organisation, without compromising your bottom line. By leveraging smart contract technology, our solutions remain adaptive and flexible, creating hardened business networks capable of evolving as they mature to support end-to-end IT processes and other key business operations.

Distributed Ledgers

Blocksense designs seamless, distributed applications that span and connect organizations within your services or industry ecosystem, synchronizing records across your supply chain. We link and reconcile your data, tracking digital assets across a secure and resilient architecture. The end result is the automation of your data-driven relationships, reducing friction between stakeholders.


A key success factor for blockchains in an enterprise architecture is middleware. Blocksense offers solutions for integration with existing blockchains and other systems in real time, using different technologies and communication protocols. Data discovery, event correlation, API management, security enforcement and governance are other middleware features built to leverage real world blockchain projects.

Connected Technologies

The real disruptive potential of blockchains occurs when coupled with other emerging technologies:

Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence

Blocksense has in-house expertise and partnerships for new innovative solutions.

Tied to the blockchain

A unique team of multi-disciplinary Blockchain experts.
Coming from diverse backgrounds and professions, our multi-disciplinary team has been tied to the blockchain for a number of years now. We have experience working with clients from early stage start-ups to governments.

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Christopher Jack


Christopher has spent many years developing the reputations of Montreal-based technology companies on the international stage. His academic accomplishments include a BA in English studies, and post-grad work in marketing and strategic management.

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Jim Anastassiou


Fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology, Jim has spent the last few years researching, architecting and developing blockchain based applications for start-ups, local & international NGOs, and the federal government amongst others.

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Mike Cohen


After earning a BSc in Computer Hardware Engineering he spent time getting his hands dirty in various industries tackling systems analysis, project management, sales and customer relations. He is a real jack of all trades.

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Humberto Quintana


Humberto's academic accomplishments include a BSc. in Electronics Engineering, a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and two years as a research associate in energy efficiency. His experience covers designing networks and writing telecommunications software.

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Abran Khalid


Abran holds a BSE in electrical engineering but his experience from diverse fields allows him to come up with unique technological solutions and works on blockchain business and organizational development. He's also the guru for IoT and sensors connected to blockchains.

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