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Monax,Permissioned Ledgers,Ethereum,Hyperledger,Rootstock,Private Blockchains

Our Services

Blocksense is a product-agnostic blockchain team: we have no bias towards any technology and are constantly testing blockchain stacks to create win-win partnerships with our clients.
Whether you need advice for your corporate decisions or a full product development, we have the skills and experience necessary for a successful outcome.

We Train

Blockchain technologies are a very unique concept that require a new mindset and a new skill-set.
To fully capture their value we emphasize the importance of having a solid foundational understanding of the technology throughout the entity. We provide all levels of training, from explainers tailored to business executives to hands on technical for developpers and IT.

We Build

From the ideation process to full product development, our in-house team has specialized experience in building secure and reliable blockchain applications to get your project out of the lab and into production. We take care of the full development stack, from deploying nodes and writing smart contracts to front end development and graphic design.

We Advise

Let us guide you through the blockchain landscape and tell you what this revolutionary technology can do for your company or industry. We focus around real world use cases and don't build unnecessary hype where there shouldn't be any.
Have a blockchain related project? We can help you decide if blockchain is a right fit and what stack to choose to avoid any pitfalls.


From public Blockchains to Distributed Ledger Technology

Blocksense, is a multidisciplinary and international firm specializing in crypto-currencies, blockchains and everything in-between. Our team has been involved in the Bitcoin and blockchain industries for years, often at senior executive level.
Whether you need advice for your corporate decisions or a full product development, we have the skills and experience necessary for a successful outcome.

Tied to the blockchain

A unique team of multi-disciplinary Blockchain experts

Coming from diverse backgrounds and professions, our multi-disciplinary team has been tied to the blockchain for a number of years now. We have experience working with clients from early stage start-ups to governments.

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François Eric King
Communications, Treasury, Legal affairs and Developer

Francois-Eric holds a quiver of degrees including Information Technology, Communications and Architectural Lighting, to name a few. He also has related training in business development and has been running his own lighting design business since 2011.

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Jim Anastassiou
Technical Lead, Researcher & Developer

Fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology, Jim has spent the last few years researching, architecting and developing blockchain based applications for start-ups, local & international NGOs, and the federal government amongst others.

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Christopher Jack
Marketing & Business Development

Christopher has spent many years developing the reputations of Montreal-based technology companies on the international stage. His academic accomplishments include a BA in English studies, and post-grad work in marketing and strategic management.

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Mike Cohen
Systems Engineer

After earning a BSc in Computer Hardware Engineering he spent time getting his hands dirty in various industries tackling systems analysis, project management, sales and customer relations. He is a real jack of all trades.

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Humberto Quintana
Solutions developer and technology facilitator

Humberto's academic accomplishments include a BSc. in Electronics Engineering, a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and two years as a research associate in energy efficiency. He is interested in the integration of renewable energy, blockchain and IoT. His experience covers designing networks and writing telecommunications software.

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Abran Khalid
Education and International Affiars

Abran likes to work in cross-disciplinary settings, fusing together his experience from diverse fields to come up with unique technological solutions. He holds a B.S.E in Electrical Engineering but often works in business and organizational development. His endeavours include precision agriculture, IoT hardware development, and Industrial sensors among others.

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